Cesar Chavez

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Born in 1927 in Yuma, Arizona, Cesar Chavez became a leader for civil rights to obtain fair treatment for farm workers. He showed through his life the following qualities:

  • COMPASSION: When Cesar was a teenager, he and his older sister, Rita, drove farm workers to the hospital when they were sick or injured.
  • COLLABORATION: Cesar learned how to organize by training with the American community organizer Fred Ross.  Ross also trained Dolores Huerta, who co-founded National Farm Workers Association with Cesar.
  • RESPECT: Cesar eagerly supported movements led by other farm workers. In 1965, NFWA stood behind Filipino-American farm workers who initiated the Delano grape strike. NFWA organized a march from Delano to the state capitol in Sacramento. The strike lasted for five years and received national attention.
  • CELEBRATION: Cesar was famous for chanting “Si, se puede!” which means “Yes, we can!”
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