Chief Standing Bear

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Chief Standing Bear educated others about the treatment of Native Americans, while advocating for full recognition under the law. During his life, he demonstrated the following:

  • COMPASSION: The treacherous journey back to Nebraska was an extreme test of wills. However, Standing Bear was driven by compassion for his now dead son, and the desire to fulfill his final wish. Before he was arrested, he and nearly thirty other Ponca people endured extreme blizzards, prairie winds, and near-starvation in the journey home to their native lands.
  • COLLABORATION: A woman named Susette LaFlesche was Standing Bear’s interpreter in court. LaFlesche was an accomplished and educated doctor and reformer, known as the first person of Native American heritage to earn a medical degree.
  • RESPECT: Standing Bear respected the professionals who helped him after his arrest. His relationship with the Nebraska journalist, Thomas Tibbles, was essential in helping him share his story with the nation and gain support for his cause.
  • CELEBRATION: The strong legacy of Standing Bear’s actions inspired the people of Nebraska to name many monuments, parks, and natural landmarks in celebration of his bravery.
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